The International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90)

Соотношение между температурными шкалами 68-го и 90-го года

Relation between T90 and T68 Temperature Scale See >>>

Calculations and Plots

T [K]

The ITS-90 fixed points in the range -38.834°C to 961.78°C are (see vertical blue lines onthe Plot):

Mercury Triple Point 234.3156 K 38.8344 °C

Water Triple Point 273.16 K 0.01 °C

Gallium Melting Point 302.9146 K 29.7646 °C

Indium Freezing Point 429.7485 K 156.5985 °C

Tin Freezing Point 505.078 K 231.928 °C

Zinc Freezing Point 629.677 K 419.527 °C

Aluminium Freezing Point 933.473 K 660.323 °C

Silver Freezing Point 1234.93 K 961.78 °C

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