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Electronic reference "Thermodynamic properties of substances"

in 6 volumes

Publishing House "Nauka", Moscow, 1978-2004

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The authors of reference

Authors 1-4 volumes: V.P. Glushko, L.V. Gurvich, I.V. Weitz, V.A. Medvedev, G.A. Hachkuruzov, V.S. Jungmann, G.A. Bergman, V.F. Baibuz, V.S. Iorish  etc.

Authors 5-6 volumes: V.S. Iorish , N.M. Aristova, G.A. Bergman, L.N. Gorohov, A.V. Gusarov, Y.S. Yezhov, A.N. Kulikov, E.L. Osina, E.A. Shenyavskaya, N.E. Handamirova, V.S. Jungmann

The authors of the electronic version of the directory:

V.F. Ochkov,   S.A. Piskotin,    T.M. Loskutova,    I.A. Gibadullin

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