1947ă. 50-years 1997ă.
Treatment of Water & Fuel Technology Department

TWT Department is 50 years old. Foundation of this department - first in this and other countries - was associated with beginning of training at Thermal Engineering Faculty, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, of power plant engineers able to successfully solve the most important chemistry technology problems related to water and fuel. The first graduation of specialists of this specialization was in 1947. The educational specialty named Water and Fuel Technology at Power Plants and Industrial Units was established in 1955.
The reason for foundation of the specialization, and then of the specialty TWT, was change of domestic power industry to high and supercritical steam parameters. That caused serious problems in providing reliable operation of equipment due to deposition in the power plant cycle and corrosion failures. With construction of nuclear power plants and installations the requirements to reliability and trouble-free operation of chemistry technology equipment became more strict. In 1947 - 1964 TWT Department was headed by Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences of USSR, USSR State Prize Winner, Professor
V.A. Golubtsov.
In 1950s the scientific laboratory of water treatment problems was founded, and TWT Department became one of the leading scientific centers of USSR in this field closely related to beginning of nuclear power industry development. In 1963 the scientific laboratory of fuel element problems was founded.
In 1965 - 1989 TWT Department was headed by Dr., RSFSR State Prize Winner, Honored Science Worker of Russia, Honorary Doctor of Dresden Technical University, Corresponding Member of German Science and Engineering Society, Professor Î.I. Martynova. Under her supervision, a large methodical work was done to specify position of TWT Department as the leading one in this country in the field of chemistry technology problems in power industry. This was deservedly acknowledged abroad. With participation of Professor Martynova and under her supervision, manuals and reference books were written. These books form the basis for training of students on water technology at fossil and nuclear power plants.
The research performed at TWT department in the framework of scientific and educational school established by Academician M.A. Styrikovich and developed by Professor O.I. Martynova prompted foundation of the inter-department laboratory of water chemistry and steam solutions. In 1970s the research on environmental protection under supervision of B.S. Beloselsky and L.G. Vasina was further developed. This was the basis for foundation in 1978 of the inter-department laboratory on protection of environment from fossil power plant emissions. The personnel of the department understood correctly the future development of the combination between chemistry technology and thermal engineering. This was the reason for foundation of one of the first PC classes in Moscow Power Engineering Institute. At present the training software for chemistry people at power plants and students of our department developed by the department personnel under supervision of Ass. Professor V.F. Ochkov is widely used at numerous utility enterprises and educational institutions. 18 department employees showed high patriotism and professionalism, when in 1978 - 1992 under supervision of Dr., Professor A.A. Gromoglasov they took part in elimination of the effects of Chernobyl accident and introduced new technologies of decontamination of radioactive waste, including one generated at “Shelter” object.
In 1989 Dr., Acting Member of Russian Academy of Natural Science and International Academy of Electrotechnical Science, Professor Victor N.Voronov was elected as head of department. At present 45 people work at TWT Department, including 4 professors, 6 assistant professors, 1 senior teacher, 3 assistants, 3 leading researchers, two laboratory heads, 18 senior and junior researchers, and 8 engineers. There are 2 doctors of technical science and 15 PhDs. In 1996 number of post-graduate students was 11. In 1992 Moscow Power Engineering Institute, and TWT Department, changed to a multi-level system of training of bachelors (4 years), dipl. specialists (5.5 years), and master on science (6 years). This demanded revision of education plans, creation of new disciplines, development of requirements on obligatory minimum number of subjects and level of training of young specialists, and other methodical activities. All this was successfully done.
Undergraduate students of TWT Department get specific specialization with account for own interests and character of future engineering work with individual training on following specializations: 10.06.01 - Power Source and Waste Technology at Fossil Power Plants; 10.06.02 - Complex Water Technology and Monitoring at Nuclear Power Plants; 10.06.03 - Power Technology Use of Fuel at Fossil Power Plants; 10.06.04 - Water Technology and Monitoring at Industrial Enterprises. Today graduates from TWT Department work successfully in power industry of this country, CIS, and abroad. In the year of its 50th anniversary TWT Department successfully faces the future.

Translated by A.Petrov


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