Victor E.Kulov
Dr., Ass.Professor


Born: 19 December 1957, Tomsk, Russia.

Marital status: married, 1 child.

Diploms: An Engineer from Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) (Technical University), 1982.

Doctor of Philosophy, 1988

Scientific activity:

Moscow Power Engineering Institute: Engineer (1982), Senior Engineer, Junior Scientific Research Worker, Assistant (1989-1992), Associate Professor (1992 - up to now).

Scientific and teaching experience: 13 years.

Head of MPEI working group at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (1989 - 1992).

Field of Research: applied chemistry.

Electrochemistry, tlectrochemical energetics( fuel cells with liquid reagents); reprocessing of waste water of nuclear and non-nuclear power plants, water treatment for the thermal power installations, chemical cleaning of water heaters, manual and automatic control of physicochemical parameters of water (potentiometry, conductometry, ionic liquid chromatography).

28 scientific publications.

Teaching activity: Associate Professor TWT department of MPEI, leading lecturer of the course “Theoretical Foundations of Physicochemical Processes in Thermal Power”, lecture of the courses “Water Technology”, “Special Aspects of Chemical Technology”. Head of the laboratory of Water Chemistry.

Address: TWT department, Moscow Power Engineering Institute ( Technical University), 14, Krasnokazarmennaya St., Moscow, 112250, Russia. Tel.: (7-095) - 362-85-82, -362-76-08. Fax.: (7-095) - 362-71-71.

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