семинары и конференцииChemistry Monitoring at Fossil and Nuclear Power Plants

TWT Department is engaged in development and introduction of chemistry monitoring systems at fossil and nuclear power plants.
Several versions of the monitoring system have been developed for different types of power plants with different chemistry, automation, instrumentation etc. According to an existing methodology, in each case the monitoring system may be optimally designed with obligatory existence of local PC network and software accounting for a specific power plant operation.
This system approach has been introduced at the following power plants: Mosenergo Power Plants NN 8 and 21; Cherepetskaya GRES; Ryazanskaya GRES; Novovoronezhskaya Nuclear Power Plant; Yuzhnoukrainskaya Nuclear Power Plant etc. Implementation of the monitoring system definitely increases reliability of chemistry at fossil and nuclear power plants in normal and alarm conditions.
For more information please contact Dr. Prof. Victor Voronov and Dr. Pavel Nazarenko, or click with the mouse here 
Translated by A. Petrov

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