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Can you imagine life on Earth without water, heat, and electricity?
Is this a naive question?
Not a all. All these boons are not coming from Heaven, but are provided by specialists, including graduates of Water and Fuel Technology (TWT) Department.
Do you know that provision of the required purity of heat carrier or neutron moderator (i.e., water) is the problem as much difficult at least, as establishment of space communication? The answer is simple - the top purity water used, for example, for medical purposes, is very contaminated one in our case (purity of water used in utility industry is hundreds and thousands times higher). But the problem is not related only to production of the ultra pure water. There is a number of problems related with water. The specialist who solves them must be professional in physics, chemistry, hydrodynamics, mathematics. And, please, try to simulate all the processes we are dealing with, without up-to-date computers and software! It is no mere chance that TWT Department is one of the leading departments in the area of mathematical simulation and monitoring. Our graduates work as engineers developing new technologies, designing or operating new equipment.
Many graduates work in research institutions, and it is no mere chance, because even in modern hard times we perform research under agreements with some European countries and USA, i.e. work on a high level.
We obviously provide our graduates with a real support in life, profession which satisfies, and stable income.
The demands of mankind for water and heat will not disappear and are out of fashion. the specialists in our area were needed in Roman Empire, Ancient Russia, are needed at present, and will be needed in the future.
Educational personnel of TWT Department is as follows:
a) four professors:
-Dr. Victor N. Voronov
-Dr. Olga I. Martynova
-Dr. Boris S.Beloselsky
-Dr. Anatoly S. Kopylov
b) seven assistant professors:
-Dr. Vjacheslav P. Bugrov
-Dr. Victor E. Kulov
-Dr. Valery F. Ochkov
-Dr. Arkady P. tPiltshikov
-Dr. Pavel N. Nazarenko
-Dr. Tamara I. Petrova
-Dr. Victor K. Pauli
c) one senior teacher:
-Dr. Olga V. Guseva
d) three assistants:
-Dipl. Eng. Oleg S. Ermakov
-Dipl. Eng. Lyubov A. Zaitseva
-Dipl. Eng. Nikolai V. Noev
Head of TWT Department Dr., Prof. Victor N. Voronov
Deputy Head of TWT Department on Education Dr., Prof. Anatoly S. Kopylov
Deputy Head of TWT Department on Science Dr., Senior Researcher Tamara I. Petrova
Scientific Secretary of TWT Department Dr., Ass. Prof. Victor E. Kulov
Address: TWT department, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, 14 Krasnokazarmennaya, Moscow, 111250, Russia
Tel.: 095-362-76-08; fax: 095-362-71-71 (dept.) and 095-362-72-05 (dean office); e-mail:
High prestige of TWT Department is based on authority of many well-known scientists and professors who worked and continue to work at the department, including:
Corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, Dr., Prof. Vjacheslav Golubtsov; Dr., Prof. Nikolai Patsukov; Dr., Prof. Olga Martynova; Dr., Prof. Victor Voronov; Dr., Prof. Boris Beloselsky; Dr., Prof. Anatoly Kopylov.
Educational personnel of TWT Department performs training of students of Thermal Engineering, Industrial Thermal Engineering, and Energy-Physical Faculties of Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

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Tranlated by A.Petrov
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