Set of Program Facilities for Training and Retraining of Chemistry Personnel at Power Plants
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The set of programs for instruction of chemistry personnel of power and nuclear plants on efficient, failure-proof, and pollution-free operation of water treatment facilities has been developed at the Technology Department Water and Fuel Treatment (TWT) Moscow Power Engineering Institute (under supervision of Dr., Ass. Professor Valery F.Ochkov) with participation of specialists from the Power Engineering Chief Computer Center of RAO EES Rossiy.

The set is Windows-95 compatible and consists of three parts:

1. Automated Multimedia Training Courses (AMTC) on the following fields:

         Makeup Treatment with Ion Exchange (initial information about processes, equipment and technologies, detailed information about processes, equipment and technologies, including both ion-exchange synthesis and structure, ion exchange kinetics, aging of ion-exchanges etc.)

         Thermal Desalination and Waste Treatment

         Water Clarification with Filtration

         Water Pretreatment with Liming and Coagulation

         The Basis of Hydraulics, Piping, Valves, and Pumps of Chemistry Departments; the course is supplemented by WMS (Water Makeup Systems) Pump Selection Trainer and Reference System on Pumps and Valves produced by domestic and foreign industry

         Neutralization of Wastewater by Demineralization Plants

         Neutralization of Oily Wastewater at Fossil Power Plants and Industrial Enterprises

         Removal of Soluble Gases from Water

         Solid Fuel Monitoring at Fossil Power Plants and Industrial Boiler Rooms

         Automation of Water Makeup Systems (WMS)

         Water Chemistry of Turbine Condenser Cooling System (sedimentation and corrosion)

         Water Chemistry of Power Units at Fossil Power Plants (sedimentation, corrosion, water and steam chemistry target values, conditioning etc.); the set is supplemented with automated laboratory tests for technical school students, higher school students and retraining course listeners

         Magnetic Treatment of Water in Power Engineering

         Water Analysis (titration, photocolorimetry, potentiometry, chromatography etc.)

         Preservation of Heat Power Equipment

         Chemistry Backwash of Heat Power Equipment

         Liquid Fuel Utilization at Fossil Power Plants

         Gas Utilization at Fossil Power Plants

         Monitoring of Oil at Fossil Power Plants

         Membrane Treatment of Water in Power Engineering

         Protection of Air Pollution (the set has been developed on the basis of the book of the same name written by Stuttgart University Professor Günter Baumbach. The book has been published in German and English by Shpringer Publishing House Germany)

         Industrial Safety and Protection of Work in Chemistry Department of Fossil Power Plants etc.

There are links on adjacent sections; lessons are designed with color figures, diagrams, animation and sound. They are equipped with a through heat engineering and water-chemical dictionary with interpretation of terms (system of prompts). Sections have tests for self-checking at the end.

2. Programs for examination of chemistry personnel ¾ there are more than one thousand questions in separate programs for source and target monitoring of chemistry personnel and in the form of tests at the end of each section of AMTC (see the foregoing). Examination has not only ordinary structure (question and several answers, where only one is correct), but also offers a new technology of active questions. For example, a trainee is asked to assemble one or another technological plant.

3. Trainers for chemistry personnel (water chemistry, WMS, treatment facilities and so on).

         Water Clarification

         One- and Two-Stage Na-Cation Exchangers

         One-, Two-, and Three-Chamber Clarifying (Mechanical) Columns

         Water Demineralization with the Primary Hydrogen-Cation Exchangers

         Water Demineralization with the Primary Hydroxide-Anion Exchangers

         Water Demineralization with the Secondary Hydrogen-Cation Exchangers

         Water Demineralization with the Secondary Hydroxide-Anion Exchangers

         Water Demineralization with Mixed Bed Exchangers (MBE) with Internal Regeneration (the third stage of demineralization)

         Two-Stage Ion Exchange Water Treatment Unit

         Treatment of Oily Wastewater with Mechanical and Coal Columns

         Unitized Demineralization Unit

         Water Chemistry of Drum-Boiler and One-Through Power Unit etc.


The trainers simulate the basic stages of operation of clarifiers, mechanical columns and ion exchangers: rinse of filters prior to service, filtration, loosening, separation of resins (MBE), passing of sodium chloride solutions, acids and alkalis, rinse after regeneration, filter in operation or stand-by etc. Color diagrams are displayed. They show (a): current state of clarifilter, ion exchangers and mechanical columns: opening of valves, turning on pumps, flow of water, reactants and regenerants, change of resin state (loosening, shift of filtration or regeneration level, separation of resins); (b): readings of instruments (flowmeters, manometers, conductivity meters, concentration meters, level indicators etc.); (c) sampling etc. It is possible to simulate water treatment operation manipulating with mouse or keyboard: to open/close valves, to sample water, to monitor instrument readings etc. By doing so a trainee controls water treatment operations.

All mistakes made by the student (incorrect diagram arrangement, violation of process chart, overexpenditure of chemicals and auxiliary water etc.) are recorded and subsequently printed. This gives the instructor information if the student can operate field chemistry equipment at power plant by his/her own. Windows compatible trainers adapt to features of user WMS.

The set is recommended by the Ministry of Fuel and Power Engineering of Russian Federation for training of water treatment operatives at power stations (see. Educational Plans and Instructions for Training and Retraining of Industrial Workers. Specialty: water treatment operative at power station. Qualification: I-IV gr. Profession code 11079. ¾ Moscow. 1997).

The training set has been introduced in Power Stations (Konakovskaya State Regional Power Station (GRES), Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Station (AES), Balakovskaya AES, Novgorodskaya Fossil Power Station (TEC), Izhevskaya TEC, Kostromskaya GRES, Dorogobushskaya TEC, Kyrovskaya TEC-3, Kuybyshev TEC or Oil Refinery Plant, TEC of VAZ (Volzhskiy Automobile Plant, Orlovskaya TEC etc) and in energy corporations (Mosenergo, Kostromaenergo, Chabarovskenergo, Tyumenenergo, Yarenergo, Samaraenergo, Tambovenergo, Volgogradenergo, Voronegenergo, Central Power Grid (CES) of Mongolia etc.)

The set is used for testing professional skills of chemistry personnel at Fossil Power Stations (operatives, shift masters: May 1998 ¾ Joint Stock Company Mosenergo, September 1998 ¾ Centerenergo, November 1998 ¾ RAO EES Rossiy).

Preliminary cost of the set is ¾ 57 thousand rubles.

Besides, TWT Chair of the MPEI supplies software tools for independent development of teaching courses and trainers.

In order to deliver the ready for use set or to complete it with particular customer conditions, contact Valery F.Ochkov

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Example of display at training operations:

Trainer Clarifier


Trainer Two-Stage Na-Cation Exchangers