Tip 0 Why it is necessary to work with Mathcad


Mathcad was developed as some program tool, which is alternative traditional programming languages. Many specialists in concrete area of knowledge (physics, chemistry, biology, mechanical engineering and so on and etc.) as well as some schoolboys and students could not use computer efficiently because of difficulties in mastering programming languages. Mathcad allows to solve numerous scientific, technical and engineering and educational problems without using programming languages.

At present time the situation has cardinally changed. Beginning study their future profile specialities, as rule many students know one of the programming languages rather well and they are ready to solve their problems with the help of already investigated programming tools. In this case Mathcad becomes as if unnecessary. Moreover there is a number of properties of Mathcad, which allow it not only «to live» but also to gain new admirers even among aces of programming.

Point is that that Mathcad allows to speed up a few times more the process of problem statement and its solution. Such spurt was observed when we turned from work in computer codes to work with the programming languages of high level (fortran, Pascal, BASIC and etc.). When you turn from work with these languages to work with Mathcad then unnecessary link as programmer will not appear between specialist and computer.

The main point of zero tip of the book: even if you are acquainted with programming languages rather well it is worth to use Mathcad at least at the stage of the formation and the debugging of a mathematical model. The collective of developers that the author of the book manages developed and promote the packages of the program которым руководит автор этой книги, создал и довольно успешно продвигает на рынке пакет программ WaterSteamPro™ in the market rather successfully. This package is assigned for calculation heat-transfer properties of water and water steam (see http://twt.mpei.ac.ru/orlov/watersteampro/ru/index.htm). The final version of the package was written and compiled using the programming language Visual C++. Nothing has come of the project without prior analysis of formulas and algorithms in Mathcad.