Tip 79. Mathcad sheet and 4

Fig. 79. Mathcad-sheet and 4

As rule when you print finished Mathcad-document is output on the paper of the format 4, situated before a viewer (reader) upright (portrait). But in this case a problem appears quite often that concerned with some formulas of the document creep their end into the right (relative to user) side of the paper (its contours with truncated sides are painted on a display) and even into the right side of the display with relatively big (17, 19 inches cornerwise) size of a screen. Our tip will touch with the paper of a printer as since the problem with the display is solved simply: if there is no wish to use horizontal scrolling (rolling) of the screen then it is possible to decrease buzzer of the screen (zoom, loop tool that you can find in the menu View and it is duplicated on the toolbar of Mathcad by the window with the figure 100%). It is also more or less simple with formulas input by user. If a formula has addition or subtraction then such binomial it is possible to write with division of the formula with help of the chord[1] Ctrl+Enter, which breaks the document off two pages in clear field, but in formula the chord carries a factor over to the next line (for example, see fig. 75). The chord Ctrl+Enter has begun to work only in seven version of Mathcad. Before it such function had special key button on the toolbar. But later on the key button was refused, the other words interface of a work with computer was unitized the chord Ctrl+Enter breaks off the page in Word too.) Finishing the theme of long users expressions it is worth to mention about that the formulas behind the universe are simple and short: E = m c2, F = m g and etc. Some affectation is always present at long formula

The second source of long mathematical expressions is not user but symbol mathematics of Mathcad. Analytical value of the determinant of a square matrix of size 3 on 3 is output in the fig. 79. Here are some tips how to shorten the results of work of the symbol mathematics of Mathcad:

         It is better to write coefficients of initial matrix in the form of simple fractions but not decimal fractions. In this case the decimal fraction with 20 signs (default) will not appear in the reply if we refuse the arithmetic with floating point then the analytical reply will be much shorter;

         To make an expression not to get out the right side of the page it is possible if we decrease the size of variables and constants of the initial expression. It is possible to decrease the size of the transformation temporarily in a point in tip-out of some concrete formula. But is possible to decrease the size permanently if we change the style of the variables and constants of the initial expression from Variables and Constant to some users one (User 1 User 7) with small print;

         Cardinal way of abridgement of analytical transformations is showed at the end of the fig . 79. The analytical transformation comes to a standstill on the page, hence it can be freezed earlier on the screen of the display if we change into a picture on which the transformation can be shorten with help of some graphics editor, PaintBrush for example.

The theme of the given tip (the problem of publication of Mathcad-documents) touches with not only paper of a printer but also Internet pages (sites). In Mathcad 2001 new option of saving Mathcad-documents has appeared: Save As MathML saving of a document in form of the format Mathematical Markup Language.

[1] Or rather with help of grace-note. Key of a chord are pressed at once. At grace-note at first one key is pressed and kept and only then the other one is pressed.