Tip 99. Local variable out of program

Fig. 99. Local variable out of program

Upper part fig. 99 reproduces one of the typical mistakes when you create Mathcad-document and when link is made from one document to another[1]. The program is placed in the range that have the following names Function for calculation the square of a tr-gle[2]. This program forms the function Δ and the operators for tested it. Conflict between the variables a, b and c appears and it brings to mistake in the main document. For we can avoid these it is worth to use only local variables in the document aimed for introduction to another documents (or for we can refer to them). It is showed in low part of the fig. 99.

[1] These two technologies pursue one object but they differ from each other a little. Users functions and the variables of the main document get in interstitial document, but in the document where we refer no.

[2] Abbreviation connects with limitation of the ranges name 32 symbols.