Tip 119.

Sometimes it is purposeful to have variables of the same name in Mathcad-document that has different color. We can obtain it with help of mechanism of styles that is built-in in Mathcad. In fig. 119 the solution of the problem from the Chehov short novel Coach in Mathcad is showed: A merchant bought 138 arshines[1] of blue and black cloth for 540 rubles (or dollars). How much of blue and black cloth did the merchant buy if the blue cloth cost 5 dollars for foot and black one 3? In the solution in fig. 119 two variables cloth with two different styles Black Variable and Blue Variable are used. The rest attributes of these variables (type, size and etc.) are the same. (Continuation of this theme see in the tip 126.)

[1] Arshines (7/4 inch) are not built-in in Mathcad so we replace them by feet (ft) for contemporary reader feet and arshines become exotics but the choice of unit of length does not have an influence on the solution of this problem.