Tip 122.

In Mathcad 2001 hypertext transfer is provided for single fragments of Mathcad-document (formulas, graphs, commentaries and so on). For this purpose the fragment where we are going to transfer is marked by sign (Tag see the dialogue window Properties in fig. 122), where then hypertext transfer is made (see the dialogue window Edit Hyperlink). Unfortunately this technology does not provide the hypertext transfer to the arbitrary page (strict or soft) of Mathcad-document. But such necessity appeared very often. The way out such situation is showed in fig. 122: at the beginning of every page (so-called strict pages are showed in fig. 122 that are introduced in Mathcad-document by the user with help of the keys Ctrl + Enter) the commentary is appended (Page #1,Page 7 and etc.) with corresponding signs. Then if you need you can transfer to them. The commentaries (numbers of the pages) we can hide if we write them in white and white.