Suggested solution for a large volume input data (translated into English by I.Krupnik)


When working with Mathcad sheet opened in MAS or even in Mathcad shell some difficulty appears if a large volume information has to be dealt with, as in a case of repetitious calculations with varying data where the user has to examine and if necessary change the values of tens of text windows before activating the Recalculate key -an example is given at the address

Using the regular (Web) Controls for this purpose is very cumbersome.

When using shell Mathcad this problem can be resolved by creating at input file in the disk and by using the readprn function (or such) to read the information into the Mathcad files. But it is too difficult to do if using MAS technology, so we recommend a different way to deal with it.

Fig 2.20

New input data presented as electronic tables(see fig.2.20) should be prepared primary to starting MAS (again this data might be a corrected input information from a previous MAS use saved in the user archive). By a simple copying (Ctrl+Insert Shift+Insert) this data can be brought into long Text box WebControl of the Mathcad work sheet opened from the Web (see, for example fig.2.5 and 2.6) one or several text windows if the chain to be copied exceeds 256 symbols. The button (from the WebControls panel) or Enter (from the keyboard) have to be activated which will initiate the calculations with the new input data. And again if the result is also of large volume, it can be output not as separate scalar values but as a table which can also be copied from the Web Mathcad sheet into the user worksheet for a further analysis and development.

This suggested solution of the problem in archiving and input of the large volume data into the WebSheet has desirably to be built-in into MAS and the author has informed the developers on this part (see point 15 in the MAS content attachment ).Most non-Web calculation programs-Windows applications have in their File Menu the special commands New [Project], Open [Project], Save [Project]. These application-attachments allow to work with the input archive see fig 2.21 where these commands are shown (the menus and dialogue windows of one attachment of Windows program with the title of the calculation of water preparation installation where the data of the separate projects (different stages of using the program) are saved on a file disk with the names Sample1.rod, Sample2.rod,.......Sample8.rod

Fig 2.21