Information about WaterSteamPro Custom Units (6.0 beta 8)

Before installing the release of the WaterSteamPro Custom Units please don't forget to uninstall this beta!

Beta 8 TODO list

  1. Change list of functions for calculating properties of gases and it's mixtures to more powerful usage. I think that I can simplify some functions for work with mixtures.
  2. Provide information about used formulation for calculating properties of gases and it's mixtures.
  3. The mechanism of supporting Custom Units will be changed.

What's new in this beta

  1. Solved the problem with functions help in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Excel add-in fully rewritten with XLL technology.
  3. Added program "WaterSteamPro Custom Units Updater" - now you can quickly check for new WaterSteamPro Custom Units releases.
  4. Added support for English and Russian versions together.
  5. Some changes in installer.
  6. Changes in installer to support the Mathcad 12 beta file extension association bug.
  7. Some changes in documentation.
  8. New beta-version work until November 1 2004.