Examples of the WaterSteamPro functions
used in Microsoft Excel
Pressure: 21 MPa The properties in blue are calculated automatically from the input values in red.
Temperature: 300 C
Pressure: 21 000 000 Pa
Temperature: 573,15 K
Volume: 0,001357905 m3/kg
Density: 736,4286269 kg/m3
Internal Energy: 1304947,004 J/kg 1304,947004 kJ/kg
Entropy: 3205,131374 J/kg*K 3,205131374 kJ/kg*K
Enthalpy: 1333463,006 J/kg 1333,463006 kJ/kg
Heat capacity (p): 5288,982099 J/kg*K 5,288982099 kJ/kg*K
Heat capacity (v): 3030,153644 J/kg*K 3,030153644 kJ/kg*K
Sound velocity: 1011,454251 m/s
Dynamic viscosity: 9,03782E-05 Pa*m
Kinematic viscocity: 1,22725E-07 m2/s
Thermal conductivity: 0,570167165 W/m*K
Prandtle: 0,838365977
Isoentropic coefficient: 35,87598679
Surface Tension: 0,014359615 N/m
Saturation temperature: 642,977343 K
Saturation pressure: 8587708,33 Pa
Note: All used functions are defined in Visual Basic for Application's Editor. For call it please press Alt-F11 keys.
The another way to use the WaterSteamPro functions is to use the Excel add-in. Choose menu Tools/Add-ins.
In appeared dialog check the "WaterSteamPro" and press OK. After that all functions will be viewed in "Insert function" wizard.