WaterSteamPro(R) Sample
Two modes of usage of the WaterSteamPro
In this file you found the example of usage of the WaterSteamPro functions in two modes. First default mode after creating new Mathcad document all units of arguments and results in SI. Second mode all functions working with built-in units of Mathcad. For usage in second mode your must to import file "WaterSteamPro.mcd" by selecting "Reference..." in menu "Insert" and locate needed file.
About WaterSteamPro
WaterSteamPro is a certified program for calculating properties of water and steam.
Additional information about WaterSteamPro given in it's documentation.
New versions and online documentation available in the www-site of the WaterSteamPro: http://twt.mpei.ac.ru/orlov/watersteampro
1. First mode without dimensions (all arguments and results in SI)
where: pressure 106 [Pa]; temperature 500 [K]; specific enthalpy in [J/kg]
2. Second mode with units
Import file with the defenition of dimensional functions:
Call such as in the first mode (error occur):
Calls with dimensions: