Information about WaterSteamPro 6.0 installation

1. Changes in this release

2. What's new in WaterSteamPro 6.0

3. For users of beta-version of WaterSteamPro 6.0

4. For users of WaterSteamPro 5.6 and older versions

5. For Mathcad 12 users

Changes in this release

Version from November 25 2005:

  1. Fixed bug while processing suffix "g" (gramm) in gas specifications (functions for calculating properties of gases and their mixtures). This bug can lead to wrong gases properties calculations (functions with prefix "wspg") at simultaneous usage of suffixes "g" (gramm) and "kg" (kilogramm) in one gas specification string. In case of using gas identificators no error occurs. In case of using only one type of suffix (as example only "kg" or only "g") in gas specification string no error occurs. Additional information about suffixes given in documentation in chapter "Properties of gases and gases mixtures" in section "Format of gas specification string".

Version from February 22 2005:

  1. It's primary English release.

What's new in WaterSteamPro 6.0

  1. New functions for calculation properties depending on parameters (h, s) for all regions of IF-97.
  2. New functions to speed up property calculations in region 3 of IF-97 depending on parameters (p, h), (p, s).
  3. New functions for calculation rough values of density on saturation line for water and steam (wspROUSGHRSWT(t), wspROUGHRSST(t)).
  4. New functions for calculation rough values of specific enthalpy on saturation line for water and steam (wspROUGHHSWS(s), wspROUGHHSSS(s)) depending on parameter (s).
  5. New functions for calculation of initial value for density in region 3 of IF-97 depending on pressure and temperature. That speed up considerably calculation of r(p, t) in region 3 (in my opinion 3 - 5 times faster).
  6. New functions for calculation source properties in regions ## 1, 2, 3, 5 of IF-97 depending on parameters (r, h).
  7. New functions for calculation pressure at sublimation and melting lines.
  8. Changed the algorithm for working with calculation tolerance and regions bounds. Due to this change some functions are absolete and don't used.
  9. New functions for calculation thermodynamic properties of 11 gases (included to air and combustion products) and mixtures on their base in temperature range from 200 to 2500K. Gases and mixtures are processed as ideal gases and ideal mixtures.
  10. Added samples of using gases functions in Excel and Mathcad.
  11. Added sample of using WaterSteamPro functions in Maple.
  12. Added integration module for Maple.
  13. Program WaterSteamPro Calculator is rewritten and new functions have been added in it.
  14. Fully rewritten integration module for Excel (with xll technology).
  15. Solved the problem with displaying WaterSteamPro function help in Excel.
  16. Added program "WaterSteamPro Updater" - now you can quickly check for new WaterSteamPro releases.
  17. Solved the problem for using WaterSteamPro functions in Mathcad 12. Additional information given in documentation.
  18. Bug fixes in functions wspJOULETHOMPSON2PT(p, t), wspCPMSPT(p, t), wspJOULETHOMPSON5PT(p, t), wspVUSHCVWDERPT5PT(p, t), wspPT5RH(r, h), wspPT5HS(h, s).
  19. Extended bounds checking for double-phase area.
  20. New installer is written using the new program. The previous program (IS 5.1) "crashed" making the installer.
  21. Internal calculation of functions is written anew. In this connection and others, the main library of WaterSteamPro is named OKAWSP6.DLL.
  22. Changes in documentation.
  23. Registration mechanism is changed.

For users of beta-version of WaterSteamPro 6.0

In release of WaterSteamPro 6.0 the functions set for calculating properties of gases and gases mixtures was changed. Additional information given in WaterSteamPro documentation in chapter "Calculating properties of gases and gases mixtures".

For users of WaterSteamPro 5.6 and older versions

WaterSteamPro 6.0 is significal step forward compared with version 5.6. Practically all components are rewritten or changed.

To upgrade to new version, apart from installing new version, it is requried:

  1. For Microsoft Excel users: in menu "Tools/Add-ins" select "WaterSteamPro 6.0" add-in instead of "WaterSteamPro 5.x". If you previously use "WaterSteamPro" functions only from add-in, then no more steps to upgrade are required. But sometimes Microsoft Excel save the link to WaterSteamPro function as "okawsp5.xla!wsp..." (i.e. document name + function name). In this case it is required to simply made global replace string "okawsp5.xla!" to empty string "". With this you provide only link to function name (not to document name). As example, cell contain formula "=okawsp5.xla!wspPST(B5)". After replacing this cell must contain "=wspPST(B5)".
  2. For Mathcad users: no additional steps is required. Except for those users who have simultaneously Mathcad 12 (or upper) and more lower version (as example, Mathcad 11). Additional information about using Mathcad 12 given in program documentation.
  3. For users of "okawsp5.dll" library: instead of "okawsp5.dll" use "okawsp6.dll" library.
  4. For all users: due to bringing of all functions to unified conception of relative tolerance (functions wspGETTOLERANCE and wspSETTOLERANCE), some WaterSteamPro functions are obsolete, but others, early based on obsolete functions can return different result. As example, take into account function wspVPT(p, t) which return specific volume for given pressure and temperature. Early (until WaterSteamPro 5.6) this function return value for steam specific volume in case of absolute difference between saturation temperature ts, calculated for given p, and given temperature t is lower than given by function wspSETDELTATS (value return by wspGETDELTATS). In this case it is implied that given point is situated at saturation line. In WaterSteamPro 6.0 used the same algorithm, but taked into account absolute difference between ts and t no more than tolerance * t, where tolerance is value given by function wspSETTOLERANCE (return by function wspGETTOLERANCE). List of obsolete function given in program documentation.
  5. For ActiveX-object "WSP.WSPCalculator" users (as example, in Visual Basic or in Visual Basic for Applications or in Windows Scripting Host): change reference to "WaterSteamPro 6.0" instead of "WaterSteamPro 5.x". Due to this reason Excel example from WaterSteamPro 5.x in WaterSteamPro 6.0 will not work.

WaterSteamPro 6.0 support simultaneous installation with WaterSteamPro 5.x. But you must to take into consideration:

In WaterSteamPro 6.0 used new algorithm for registration data. Registration data for WaterSteamPro 5.x not supported by WaterSteamPro 6.0.

For Mathcad 12 users

WaterSteamPro 6.0 is fully compatible with Mathcad 12. Additional information on Mathcad 12 support given in documentation in chapter "Possible ways of the WaterSteamPro usage/Using WaterSteamPro in Mathcad/Notes for Mathcad 12 users".