Korobov V.I., Ochkov V.F. Chemical Kinetics with Mathcad and Maple



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The book explains the basic principles of formal kinetics a branch of the sciences studying reaction rates. As opposed to the traditional approach, the material here is considered from the position of using modern mathematical software - Mathcad and Maple. Computer solutions of direct and inverse kinetic problems are discusses. Effective usage of the Mathcad interface as well as network computations using the Mathcad Calculation Server are explained. The book is intended for specialists, research associates, graThe book is intended for specialists, research associates, graduate students, and lecturers who use mathematical suites in their work. It also can be used as a university textbook.

Chapter 1. Formally-kinetic description of one- and two-step reactions  >>>

Chapter 2. Multi-step reactions: the methods for analytical solving the direct problem >>>   download all files >>>

Chapter 3. Numerical solution of the direct problem in chemical kinetics >>>

Chapter 4. Inverse Chemical Kinetics Problem   download all files >>> Problem 4.23 for Mathcad Prime 3 >>>

Chapter 5. Introduction into Electrochemical Kinetics   download all files >>>

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