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How to pay

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WaterSteamPro is a payware. The installation package available in download section is trial version: this package do not allow to call all WaterSteamPro functions: for some functions error generated with code "7" (Function is not registered).

In order to call these functions you must to register program. It is mean that you must buy the license for using the WaterSteamPro. After payment you will receive your license file with registration information (or Setup Wizard with this file). You must to save this license file due to it will needed when you reinstall WaterSteamPro or install new version.

The registration continued only for current version of WaterSteamPro without time limitations. However future version can be obtained with discount.

You can use the trial version without registration in the period of one month after program installation. After that you must to buy the license or break to use the WaterSteamPro or any part of them.

The license "Personal" can be used only by one user on one PC. In order to provide the license file for this license you must to tell the system information number for computer where you use the WaterSteamPro. To receive this information try to run the WaterSteamPro (as example Calculator). The dialog "WaterSteamPro registration" will appear. In this dialog please scroll the text and you will see the text "User system information: <number>".

Sample of UserSystem Information

Note that registered users can upgrade freely to next version for the period of one year after payment.


# License type Licenses count Price  
1. Personal (for one pc) 1 100$US Buy
2. Personal (for one pc) 5 400$US Buy
3. Developer Only "okawsp6.dll" can be used on unlimited number of computers. 3200$US Buy
4. Upgrade from previous version (for one pc) 1 50$US Buy


How to pay

You can pay with following links (provided by service):

License "Personal":

Please contact to Konstantin Orlov ( for all questions about payment for WaterSteamPro. Also you may to contact with him in order to obtain your license after payment.

After payment you will receive your license in shorter time (usually it is in day of payment or in the following working day).


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