Parts from books & articles of Valery Ochkov (Russian site)

2⁵ Problems for STEM Education

The parts of book "Mathcad 8 Pro for Students and Engineers" (Russian Text of the Book)

·                    Foreword I     Foreword II    Foreword III

·                    Mathcad and Boolean (logic) functions

·                    As the author sold the programs

·                    Remake (about main structural constructions of Programming)

·                    The problem of a label

·                    Mathcad and Coriolis Forces

·                    A genuinely optimum fire bucket

·                    A pirate's open letter to computer publications

·                    Patience «Turkish Handkerchief»

·                    From Mathcad to Maple

The part of the book «Mathcad and MathConnex for professionals»

"Differential models" (Springer-verlag, 2004, WITH a.sOLODOV)

The parts of book "Tips for Mathcad Users"

Tips 1-35     Tip 64. Work with degrees Celsius & Fahrenheit     Tips 100-...

The parts of book "Units in Mathcad & Maple"

·                    Foreword

·                    Part I

·                    ...

·                    Chapter 6. Units without units

·                    6.3. Work with decibels

·                    The Problem of “Chemistry” Units and its Solution in Mathcad

·                    ...

The parts of book "Mathcad 12 for Students & Engineers"

·                    Chapter 1 "Interface of Mathcad"

·                    Chapter 7 "Mathcad Application Server"

·                    ...

Korobov V.I., Ochkov V.F. Chemical Kinetics with Mathcadand Maple - Springer, 2011.

Thermal Engineering studies with Excel, Mathcad and Internet



·                    Math Lessons in Classical Literature // Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Volume 5 Issue 2 (July 2015), pages 121-132.

·           Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow or Model of Gravity Train in Mathcad // Technical Journal University North Croatia, Vol. 9, No. 1. pp. 1-5

·           Teaching Mathematics with Mathematical Software, Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Volume 5 Issue 1 (January 2015), pages 265-285

·           Motion of the planets: the calculation and visualization in Mathcad

·                    The Three Trinity of Programming or The Third Needn't, and The Second Is Not Right

·                    It is no trouble at all for us to build… a Bridge… (Russian version of the article)

·                    The story of the masterpiece (Mathcad and nonstandard graphics) (Russian version of article)

·                    Thermal Engineering Calculations in the Mathcad Environment (Thermal Engineering Journal)

·                    Music and programming

·                    Painting and sculpture in Mathcad (Russian text)

·                    Mathcad and financial pyramids

·                    Mathcad and some secrets of literature

·                    Invisible Variable

·                    Mathcad 2001: what is new

·                    Mathcad: Price of an Old Car or The way from Correlation to Regression in Mathcad

·                    Solving of algebraic equations and system or Vincent Van Gogh in Mathcad 


·                    The Problem of “Chemistry” Units in Mathcad

·                    Mathcad: From a graph to a formula, From a computer calculation to an Internet-on-line analysis

·                    Mathematical packages: from self-economy to mass production through the Internet

·                    Online heat engineering reference book

·                    Applied Mathematical Software and a Web-Based Interactive Handbook for Thermal Engineering: Problems and Solutions

·                    Russian Mathcad Application Server: field of three years experience

·                    The Development of an Electronic Encyclopedia of Power Engineering: an Informational Contribution to Production and Education Processes

·             Thermophysical properties of Water and Steam: information on Internet (PTC Express)

·                    Thermodynamic cycles: calculations on the Internet

·                    A Trainer–Simulator for Improving and Assessing the Professional Skill of the Personnel of Heat-Supply Networks

·                    Mathematical packages and problems of knowledge transfer (presentation in NIST (announcement): ppt pdf) (presentation M.Frenkel from NIST in MPEI)

·          Properties of heat-transfer agents and working mediums of power engineering: information on the Internet

·          Ochkov V.F., Alexandrov A., Orlov K., Voloschuk V., Ochkov A. Cloud computing processes and cycles of heat power plants

·          V.F. Ochkov, V.I. Legenkiy, E.A. Minaeva "Physical quantities, dimensions and units in mathematical packages"

·          V. F. Ochkov, A. A. Aleksandrov, V. A. Voloshchuk, E. V. Dorokhov, and K. A. Orlov Calculations of Thermodynamic Cycles via Internet

·          Formulae in scientific publications: problems and solutions (one presentation in Knovel)

·          V.F. Ochkov, Yu.V. Chudova, E.A. Minaeva "Cloud computations in Chemical Department of Power Stations"

·          A worksheet of the engineering calculator as a structured flowchart

·          Handbook - Answer Book on Thermal Power Engineering: problems and solutions // Thermal Engineering Volume 57, Number 3, March 2010, pp 252-210

·          Properties of the substances: from a special program to the functions of the mathematical package

·          A NEW REFERENCE BOOK FOR POWER ENGINEERS (9th conference on Power System Engineering, Thermodynamics & Fluid Flow - ES 2010, June 17 - 18, 2010, Pilsen, Czech Republic)

·          Thermal and power engineering calculations based on the use of cloud computing technology

·          Water Chemistries at Thermal and Nuclear Power Stations: A New Level of Information Support


 ·          "Cloud” service on properties of working mediums and materials in nuclear power engineering

             ·VOLOSHCHUK Volodymyr, OCHKOV Valery, ORLOV Konstantyn, ZNAMENSKIY Vsevolod INVESTIGATIONS OF HEAT ENGINES CYCLES WITH THE HELP OF MODERN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES // Доклад на 11th conference on Power System Engineering, Thermodynamics & Fluid Flow - ES 2011, June 13 - 15, 2012, Srni, Czech Republic

             · MINAEV Evgeniy, OCHKOV Valery, MINAEVA Ekaterina DEVELOPING OF FORECASTING METHODS OF THE CORROSION RATE IN ELEMENTS OF POWER PLANTS // Доклад на 11th conference on Power System Engineering, Thermodynamics & Fluid Flow - ES 2011, June 13 - 15, 2012, Srni, Czech Republic

             · OCHKOV Valeriy, ORLOV Konstantin, ZNAMENSKIY Vsevolod "CLOUD” SERVICE ON PROPERTIES OF WORKING MEDIUMS AND MATERIALS IN NUCLEAR POWER ENGINEERING // Доклад на 11th conference on Power System Engineering, Thermodynamics & Fluid Flow - ES 2011, June 13 - 15, 2012, Srni, Czech Republic

            · Ochkov F., Orlov K. Cloud-computing Functions for Thermodynamic Properties Calculation // Symposium on thermophysical properties of Fluids, September 14, 2012 in Zittau, Germany

            · Ochkov F., Orlov K. Live calculations linked from IAPWS website // Report on the meeting of the Working groups of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS), Boulder, Colorado, USA, September 30 to October 5, 2012.

            · Application of the Cloud Technologies to Perform Heat Engineering Calculations


            · “Cloud” Functions and Templates of Engineering Calculations for Nuclear Power Plants


              Other articles - in translations